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This Page lists a number of areas of interest to members, specifically those that have been mentioned on the ApanaSA Tech mailing list. Apana members may view the archives for that mailing list 

  • An "old school" BBS (Tony L)
    • This system is similar to BBSs of the 1980s and 1990s, providing messaging, files (under development), chat and doors to users.  The BBS supports Fidonet and several other message networks.  However, unlike the old systems, it is accessible via the Internet, through telnet, SSH, rlogin for terminal access and a "traditional" BBS experience, NNTP (for reading messages), FTP for files and offline mail, and a web interface.
    •  The BBS runs on a Raspberry Pi, with 16 GB storage.  IPv6 is supported only for Fidonet mail sessions, not the BBS.  The BBS can be accessed at, using the protocols mentioned above.
  • Using IPv6 to carry OpenVPN (Mike)
  • Split routing over a vpn (Mike)
  • Using a spare ADSL modem as an internal router (Steve)
  • Information about Free VPN services (Steve)
  • Using PPTP VPN for Anonymous Browsing (Steve)
  • Bandwidth Monitoring (Mike)
  • Certificate Authorities (Simon)
  • Using IPFire (Mike)
  • Using Nagios (Mike)
  • Configuration Management Tools (Tony)
  • NBN Planning (Steve)
  • VPN Setup (Steve)
  • Dynamic DNS for Apana (Steve)
  • IPv4 Address Depletion (Steve)
  • OpenSSH Bugs (Simon)
  • Using LDAP with Drupal (Mike)
  • SSH Tunnels (Tony)
  • VirtualBox (Simon)
  • Amazon S3 (Steve)
  • Using Docker (Steve)
  • General Security Issues 
  • Compression on VPN Links (Steve)
  • IPV6 (Steve)
  • CBD Wifi (Steve)
  • Using Arduino (Tony)
  • Using Hurricane Electric as a free secondary DNS (Steve)
  • IP4inIP6 tunnels (Steve)
    • For people who have a static IPv6 address, this is a simple way to tunnel IPv4
    • Provides an alternative to OpenVPN
  • AMPRNET (Radio Amateur) or Net-44 access for Apana (Steve, Tony L)
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